Side By Side 6

11m Wide Module

How do you ‘Fully Support’ a Module when it is 18m x 11m x 4m @ 87 Tonnes?

Side by Side 4

The solution that Leicester Heavy Haulage provided to the client was to join 2 off 12 Axle Modular Scheuerle Flatcombi Trailers together in a Parallel Format so that they could move ‘Side by Side’.


Side By Side

Following a Site Survey our technical staff devised a safe method for the transportation and this was communicated between all members of staff involved.

Side By Side 2

The move took place in November 2013 and required some very careful driving from those at the respective wheels to ensure that the Module remained stable at all times.

Side By Side 3

Trained Leicester Heavy Haulage Banksmen & Trailer Steersman were on hand to communicate any special requirements to the drivers and also to manually steer the rears of the Modular Trailers around any bends en route.

Side By Side 7

On the day the movement ran extremely smoothly and the client was very satisifed with the operation and the way it was Project Managed.

Side By Side 8

The Module was brought directly alongside the collecting Vessel for onward shipment to Australia as part of the Gorgon Project.

Side By Side 9

The vessel’s own gear was used for the Heavylift operation.