Equipped to handle all shapes and sizes of cargo.

We are constantly evolving our fleet to accommodate the needs of our clients.

We have over fifty trailers that can interchange where necessary with our fleet of over 20 vehicles to make sure that we are in the right place at the right time with the correct equipment to perform the task in hand.

All of our vehicles are FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Bronze Approved (FORS ID 002721).

Please see below a list of the equipment we have at our disposal:

  • 12.2m / 13.6m (40 / 45ft) Flatbeds up to 29 Tonnes capacity (on general haulage).
  • Extendable Flatbeds up to 32.5m (108 ft) long, including steerables.
  • Semi Low Loaders up to 112 Tonnes load capacity.
  • Ramp / Plant trailers up to 40 Tonnes load capacity.
  • Low height Semi Low Loaders (75cm / 80cm Deck Heights).
  • Extendable Semi Low Loaders up to 34m (112ft) long, including steerables.
  • Low Loaders up to 110 Tonnes load capacity.
  • Extendable Low Loaders up to 25m (82 feet) clear loading deck, with manual overide steering.
  • Super shallow decks allowing us to move loads up to 4.65m high along the UK Trunk Road / Motorway network.
  • Pendle Axle Waferbed Low Loaders.
  • Modular Trailers – 24 Axles of Scheuerle Flatcombi with Drawbars and Bolsters and various length beds (for loads up to 4.65m high to travel along UK Trunk Roads / Motorways).  Modular Equipment can be assembled in various combinations to suit individual load requirements.  Using this equipment we can move loads up to 450 Tonnes on site and 350 Tonnes on the road, subject to Department of Transport Special Order Approval.

All of our vehicles are fitted with load friendly Air or Hydraulic Suspension.

All of our vehicles are fitted with Vehicle Tracking & Mobile Telephones.